Fantastic average starting salary and unlimited room for growth.

Fast increase in salary as you gain experience and build skills.


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* 2 LIVE SESSIONS PER WEEK (for first 3 months)

* 1 LIVE SESSION PER MONTH (for second 3 months)


* TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS @ 8:00 PM EST (for first 3 months)

* Last Wednesdays of The Month (for second 3 month)

*** Start applying for jobs after the first 3 months ***

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I will send you an email with the price and schedule details once the next one is confirmed. It will be in the early months of 2024. 

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Why Choose a Career in QA Automation?

A Few Months of Hard Work for Lifelong Benefits

Invest a few months and reap "Lifelong Rewards". You are gaining a career that will always have demand and that is always growing. The software field is not going anywhere and you can take your skills as far as software goes. QA is just the beginning. With time it can lead you to any career you want.

  • $70k - $100k Starting Salary

    Fantastic average starting salary and unlimited room for growth. Fast increase in salary as you gain experience and build skills. 

  • Bootcamp is easiest way

    The bootcamp is very organized and easy to follow. Mimics real life experience in many ways so you gain experience with activities that you will do at your first job. Having live person teaching you and being able to ask questions is not comparable to just watching videos and learning.

  • Work From Home

    Lots of opportunities to work from home exist. This is software engineering career so you do not need to be in an office to get the work done. Lots of companies offer remote options.


  • Easiest Entry Into IT Career

    It is my opinion that QA is one of the easiest if not the easiest way to break into the IT industry. Entry-level testing jobs require very little technical skills, so easy to achieve.

  • Doors to Other Careers

    A QA Engineer interacts with people in several positions which are technical and non-technical . You will learn what others do and you will make friends in other fields. Easy access to switch roles if you become interested.

  • 6 Month Program to Professional Skills

    You will not be a professional in 6 month bootcamp alone but if you put in the necessary effort outside of class, you will have skills that all professionals have. You will be able to compete for entry-level positions.


Yes, It Really Is Possible!

If you complete our QA  Bootcamp, you’ll be able to take control of your future.

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A woman excited to learn QA automation.

Who is the Bootcamp for?

  • For anyone trying to break into the IT field.
  • For anyone already working as a Manual QA and looking to get to the next level by learning automation.
  • For anyone looking to learn coding with Python Language and web test automation with Selenium WebDriver.

Your determination can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in the QA Bootcamp


Even though you are not enrolled in the Bootcamp yet, if you are SERIOUS about learning automation you should start learning ASAP.

You have a huge advantage in starting early.

Join now and start going through the self-paced Python course.

The first part of the Bootcamp is learning Python, by starting early it allows to practice on projects and ask questions first few weeks of the bootcamp.


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Salary Expectations

These are recent screenshots from These charts are for the San Francisco area. Do the same research for your area. But keep in mind most of us will be targeting to get remote jobs.

Other resources to do similar research are and

salary range chart for experienced QA Automation Engineer in San Francisco from
What a goal to aim for!!

It must be super encouraging to see this is possible.

Check On

salary range chart after 2 years work experience as QA Automation Engineer in San Francisco from
A 2 year target?

This could be a target to achieve with in the first 2 years.

Check On

salary range chart entry level QA Automation Engineer in San Francisco from
Entry Level!

This is a fantastic salary range for any career at entry level!

Check On

What are the prerequisites?

Basic computer skills. For example, if you can do these you can take the course

  • Installing a program on your laptop
  • Creating documents in Microsoft Word or Excel
  • Using browsers to navigate the internet
  • Being able to manage your own social media account, like post your own posts, delete posts¬†

If you do not think you meet these requirements, give me a call and let’s discuss it..

A woman excited to learn QA automation.

What's Included In The Bootcamp

All The Tools You Need To Be A Professional QA Automation Engineer

My bootcamp offers a comprehensive journey into QA Automation, focusing on web-based applications. It's designed to encompass all essential topics and skills required to excel as a professional in the field. While the list below highlights the main topics, rest assured, the curriculum extends far beyond, covering a wide array of tools and techniques to ensure you're well-equipped for the industry's challenges. Plus, we will be doing real-life, hands-on projects to solidify your skills and experience firsthand application in the field.


Python is the main focus of the program. We will use Python for all our projects to learn modern development tools like Docker and GitLab.

Python is very popular in many industries not just in QA automation. Python skills will open a lot of doors in your career.

We believe Python is the easiest programming language for complete beginners. Once you learn Python it will be much easier to learn other languages.


Selenium WebDriver is the main tool we will use for front-end automation. We will create a test framework with Python and Selenium, to test an E-Commerce website.

The website will be created from scratch in the course and we will write both front-end and back-end tests.

You will gain great experience using the most popular web testing tool.


Backend Automation

Backend automation or API testing is a major part of QA automation.

Backend automation jobs are in high demand.

In the course, you will learn to write backend automation using Python and several Python test frameworks like PyTest, Robot Framework, and Behave (BDD).


SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most popular language to work with databases. MySQL is the most popular database management system.

 You will learn to use MySQL manually and in our code. Basic SQL is a must have knowledge for entry level QA automation or even manual QA.



Git, a cornerstone tool in modern software development, is included to familiarize students with version control systems, which are essential for managing project codes and collaborating on software projects. Its industry-wide adoption makes understanding Git crucial for any tech professional. Through practical exercises, students will learn to commit changes, merge branches, and manage code repositories on platforms like GitHub, simulating real-world software development workflows and enhancing their readiness for the professional environment."


Docker is one of the latest and most popular development tools in the industry. 

The cloud infrastructure utilizes Docker heavily and it is a great skill to have.

You will use Docker for most of the projects and you will learn how to deploy code using Docker.

Logo of Jenkins the powerful automation server


Jenkins is a powerful automation server used for continuous integration and delivery.

In our bootcamp, we cover Jenkins because it plays a crucial role in automation. Learning Jenkins will enable you to schedule automated tests efficiently and integrate them into deployment pipelines.

It is an essential skill for modern QA automation professionals.



In our rapidly advancing world, ChatGPT and AI have become indispensable tools, streamlining how we tackle tasks. Our bootcamp integrates ChatGPT as a pivotal learning resource. It aids in demystifying complex topics, providing instant feedback, and in some cases, directly handling assignments to enrich our learning journey. Importantly, I'll guide you on how to effectively utilize ChatGPT, ensuring you can leverage its capabilities to facilitate your learning process. This approach not only makes education more interactive but also prepares you for the future of technology.


Jira is included in the course to introduce students to a widely used project management tool, emphasizing its importance in organizing and tracking project work efficiently. Learning Jira equips students with valuable skills for real-world project management, helping them understand how teams collaborate, plan, and execute projects in professional environments. This practical experience is vital for preparing students for the demands of the workplace, making them proficient in using industry-standard tools for project management.


Slack is integrated into our bootcamp as the main communication platform, reflecting its widespread popularity in the industry for team collaboration. It enables students to engage in real-time discussions, share resources, and get updates, closely simulating professional communication practices. By using Slack, participants gain essential digital communication skills, crucial for navigating today's tech-centric work environments, while fostering a strong sense of community among classmates and instructors.


Sample Resume 

This is a sample resume that exemplifies the type of skills and qualifications that will be acquired through the QA bootcamp. Upon completion, you will have the ability to create a resume like this, which is full of high-demand skills relevant to the QA Automation field. The projects completed during the bootcamp are very similar to the type of work that would be expected in a real-life job, giving you valuable hands-on experience and preparing you for the workforce.


Who is the instructor?

Admas Kinfu is the creator and instructor of the course. He has 14+ years of overall engineering experience and 9+ years of QA Automation experience.

Admas graduated MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University in the heart of Silicon Vally. Then transitioned to Software Engineering field by learning Python and becoming automation engineer.

He has been teaching with on-demand video courses for the last several years. Experienced with answering questions and solving problems with students.

Picture of your QA Automation Engineering  Instructor

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Get a reminder email when the next BootCamp is scheduled.

I will send you an email with the price and schedule details once the next one is confirmed. It will be in the early months of 2024. 

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