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Embark on Your SQL Journey: Master Database Queries, Manipulation, and Management with Over 50 Lectures and Hands-On Exercises!

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In this course, you will

  • Understand Core SQL Concepts: Grasp the fundamentals of SQL, including how databases work, what SQL is, and why it's the go-to language for database management.
  • Execute Real SQL Queries: Learn to write and execute effective SQL queries for data retrieval and basic manipulation, perfecting your skills through hands-on examples and exercises. 
  • Work with Real-World Databases: Apply your skills on sample databases provided in the course, simulating real-world scenarios and data structures.
  • Learn MySQL Installation and Basics: Get step-by-step guidance on installing MySQL and familiarize yourself with its basic features and functionalities to start managing and querying databases.
  • Navigate Database Management Tools: Get familiar with popular SQL database management tools like MySQL Workbench and command-line interfaces, boosting your productivity and capabilities.
  • Receive Continuous Support & Resources: Access a wealth of resources and continuous support throughout your learning journey, ensuring you have all you need to succeed and stay updated in the field.

Why you should take this course?

  • Industry-Relevant Skills: Learn SQL, a critical skill demanded in many technical fields including software development, data analysis, and especially QA engineering.
  • Hands-On Learning: Dive into SQL with real-world scenarios, interactive exercises, and live databases, ensuring you gain practical experience and confidence in manipulating and managing data.
  • Expert Instruction: Taught by an industry expert with experience in QA Automation using SQL, Python, Selenium, and more
  • Community Support: Gain access to a community of learners for collaboration and troubleshooting.

Who is the course for?

  • Testers and Developers: Enhance your testing and development skills by learning to interact with databases using SQL, a must-have skill for quality assurance and building applications.
  • Self-Taught Learners: If you've picked up bits and pieces of SQL and want to solidify your understanding with structured, comprehensive learning, this course will fill in the gaps.
  • Manual Testers: Boost your career by learning SQL, gaining the essential skills to manage and query databases, and opening up new opportunities in data-driven testing environments.
  • Non-Technical Professionals: Ideal for those in project management, marketing, or sales looking to learn SQL to enhance their ability to work with data, streamline decision-making, and collaborate more effectively with technical teams.


  • Configurable Computer: A laptop or desktop where you have permission to install software, browsers, and other required tools.
  • Basic Computer Skills: Comfort with operating a computer, managing files, and navigating the internet.
  • Commitment to Learn: A readiness to invest time and effort into learning and practicing SQL.

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Learn SQL at Your Own Pace

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of SQL and know how to write SQL code, all while learning at your own pace and on your own schedule.

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