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Get instant access to the webinar. Several videos show front-end & back-end automation in action using Python.


QA Automation Bootcamp

Live QA Automation Bootcamp is a comprehensive training program designed to teach participants the skills and technologies needed to become proficient in automated testing. The Bootcamp covers various topics, including test automation frameworks, testing tools, and techniques.

In this QA Automation Bootcamp, participants will learn how to use the latest and highly demanded technologies and tools including Python, Selenium, SQL, Docker, Jenkins, GitLab, and many more.  

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All The Tools You Need To Become A QA Automation Engineer

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  • Python Programming: ...................... $99.00
  • Selenium WebDriver: ........................ $99.00
  • API Testing with Python: .................. $99.00
  • SQL Full Course: ...............................  $99.00
  • Cucumber BDD with Python: ............. $59.00
  • Robot Framework with Python: ......... $59.00 

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Popular Course

Python For Beginners Full Course

Jumpstart your journey in tech with my beginner-friendly Python course, ideal for QA automation. Learn the essentials of programming through extensive hands-on practice and exercises. Start from scratch, gain expertise, and get ready for an exciting career in technology.

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Popular Course

Selenium WebDriver With Python For Beginners

Master Selenium WebDriver with Python in this comprehensive course taught by an experienced professional. Dive into automated testing, learn about locators, waits, handling elements, PyTest, and more. Perfect for boosting your QA automation skills. Click to explore and elevate your testing career!

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Popular Course

API Testing with Python

Gain essential automation skills in Backend/API Testing with Python. Learn through hands-on projects with WooCommerce API, SQL for database accuracy, and practical use of Docker and MySQL. A vital course for growing your expertise in the dynamic field of testing. Click to explore and enroll.

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Popular Course

SQL Full Course

Embark on a journey through SQL essentials in this engaging course, tailored for those beginning their database adventure. Delve into the basics of database operations, mastering key concepts like table creation, data querying, and manipulation. Explore the powerful use of JOINs, dive into SQL functions, and understand user management, all through practical, real-world examples. With a focus on foundational skills, this course prepares you to confidently manage and analyze data across any SQL-based database system.

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Popular Course

Cucumber BDD with Python 3, Behave and Selenium WebDriver

Elevate your QA expertise with my comprehensive Python BDD course, featuring Behave and Selenium. Tailored for professionals, it delves into effective test automation strategies, combining Gherkin syntax and Cucumber principles for a robust learning experience.

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Popular Course

Robot Framework Essentials: A Practical Training

Join me in mastering Robot Framework, one of the top frameworks in the industry today! From tool installation to advanced concepts like custom libraries and API testing, I'll guide you through hands-on experiences. With Selenium WebDriver and WordPress, you'll excel in QA automation. Whether you're new or experienced, this comprehensive course will elevate your skills in one of the industry's leading frameworks.

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"Very good course for starters. I love it so far. Very excited to learn automation.

Lani Bundu 

"This is easily one of the most thorough and well-structured courses I've ever enrolled in. You can tell that Admas, the tutor, spent a lot of time building the courses. And thank you a lot for that, Admas. Highly recommended.

Sarah Jenkins 

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