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Dive into the essentials of QA Automation with our curated video series. From the basics of Python to hands-on demos of frontend and backend testing, you’ll witness the tools and techniques in action. Discover how automation fits into the QA process and explore your potential in this rapidly evolving field. Whether you’re contemplating a career shift or looking to enhance your skill set, these insights will help you gauge if QA Automation is your next step.

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IMPORTANT: Must Watch The Intro To Make The Best Out Of The Masterclass

  • Intro: Intro to the instructor
  • Foundation: Understand the webinar's scope and QA Automation's role.
  • Engagement Tips: How to get the most from this masterclass.


What is QA Automation? 

  • General discussion of software testing
  • Manual Vs Automation
  • Examples of test cases

What Is Python?

  • Intro to Python
  • Python Examples
  • The role of Python in QA Automation




Front-end Automation Demo 

  • Intro to Front-end Automation
  • Intro to Selenium WebDriver
  • Demo of Selenium WebDriver

Back-end Automation Demo


  • What is the software back-end?
  • Intro to Back-end Automation
  • Demo/examples of backend automation 

Putting It Together

  • You write tests, then what?
  • Scheduling tests
  • Demo/discussion of CI/CD (Jenkins)


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